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When its chicken you can get all the new recipe in morden style only with cuisines castle.

Hope everyone is eating and enjoying our food recipe which is  available on YouTube channel and our website. You can have a look at our latest video and enjoy the test of diffenent chicken recipe from cuisines castle .

Chicken Curry

How to make Butter Chicken | Butter Chicken Masala 

Hyderabadi Chicken Recipe | Hyderabadi Gravy Chicken|

Malai Chicken Recipe। Malai Chicken। Chicken Malai Hand

Snacks Recipes

Chicken Tikka Recipe | Chicken tikka without oven

How to make tandoori chicken | Tandoori chicken at home

Chicken Francaise | Classic Chicken Francaise


Cooking is one of the key secret of my daily routine I spend much time in kitchen to make delicious recipe everyday so kind of my habit I have to do it everyday.

We are daily make cooking and serve to our lovesome you can imagine some on visiting to home and need special attention twords food and braverage you can take a look at our latest food video and start cooking at home.

Our Oven story is to give you hygiene and quality cooking assurance which is good for test and you can say wow. Because the food is only thing which can make daily hungers & craving free from food of chicken and eggs. 

We have different segment for the food which not only give you style but also give you a change which you can feel it what to eat and when to eat we have the ultimate explanation what is good and bad with this food channel. 

Digestive Drink

Egg Curry Masala recipe | Egg Curry recipe

Smokey Reshmi Chicken Curry

Egg Malai Masala

Smokey Chicken Dish

Kashmiri Smokey Chicken Recipe

Angara Chicken Recipe

Mughlai Dish

Mughlai masala Chicken

Chicken Changezi Gravy

We make delicacies chicken recipe for your test.

Making different and good food with new style and give you more testy. Our all new recipe is given with our video & and this website you can check all our latest video and its food recipe along with this ingredients. All we have flash out their in our YouTube and our website. You can stay update with our website and YouTube channel you will receive new video update & its notification directly.

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